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What makes products "green?"
What makes products environmentally preferable?

Without a full life-cycle environmental impact analysis, itís hard to know just how green is any given product.

Concrete, for instance, is indisputably sustainable Ė or is it? At the heart of concrete is Portland cement, the making of which, some say, is a not-so-sustainable energy-intensive process.

Finding the balance between greener chemistry and performance can be difficult. Federal and state environmentally preferable purchasing programs focus on products that have a reduced negative impact on the environment and human health compared to traditional products.

These products may last longer, consume fewer natural resources or include or produce less toxic substances or solid waste.

Many of PROSOCOís products and product groups have these kinds of green features, and contribute to a sustainable, energy-efficient, and non-polluting built environment.

Here's a look.
PROSOCO's Green Group
PROSOCO's Environmentally Preferable Products