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2011 Historic Apartments Get New Lease On Life   Spring
2011 Little House Big Promise   Winter
2010 Cowboy Up - PROSOCO and Dallas Cowboys Stadium   Winter
2010 Biological Warfare - PROSOCO and the O.T. Hogan Biological Sciences Building   Summer
2009 Lest We Forget, PROSOCO and the Illinois Holocaust Museum & Education Center   Summer
2009 Penn Again? PROSOCO and Moynihan Station   Spring
2009 Excellence and Glory, PROSOCO and the Missouri State University historic quad   Winter
2008 Crime and Grime, PROSOCO and the Orleans Parish Criminal Justice Center   Summer
2007 Still Majestic, PROSOCO and the LaSalle Bank Theatre & Hampton Majestic Hotel   Summer
2007 Stripping for health, PROSOCO and the Old Health Building   Spring
2007 Baby, the rain must fall, PROSOCO and the Utah County Courthouse   Wnter
2006 Baltimore Basilica, PROSOCO and the oldest cathedral in the United States   Fall
2006 Lap of Luxury, PROSOCO and W Dallas Victory Hotel & Residences   Summer
2006 Put me in, Coach! PROSOCO and Dodger Stadium   Spring
2006 In the eyes of a child, PROSOCO and the Mary Bridge Children's Health Center   Winter
2005 Sheer Folly, PROSOCO and the oldest theater in Kansas City   Fall
2005 This Time it's Personal, PROSOCO and Allen Fieldhouse   Summer
2005 Restoration or Oblivion, PROSOCO and the President Hotel   Winter
2004 Restoration in the Sky, PROSOCO and Chicago's Temple Building   Fall
2004 No Stage for Graffiti, PROSOCO and the Fox California Theater   Summer
2004 All the glitters is not steel, PROSOCO and the Walt Disney Concert Hall   Winter
2003 Black Halo / Green Granite, PROSOCO and the Nasher Sculpture Center   Fall
2003 Of Time and Treasure, PROSOCO and the Cleveland Museum of Art   Summer
2003 Beauty by the Bay Restored   Spring
2003 College Town, PROSOCO and University Village, Illinois   Winter
2002 Cleaning the House that Tweed Built, PROSOCO and Tweed Courthouse   Fall
2002 From the Ashes, PROSOCO and Project Phoenix   Summer
2002 Built to Last, PROSOCO and Our Lady of the Angels   Spring
2002 PROSOCO at the Pentagon   Winter
2001 Be Our Guest, PROSOCO and the Architecture of Hospitality   Fall
2000 PROSOCO and the Architecture of Education, Back to School   Fall
2000 PROSOCO and the Architecture of Justice, Cleaning Up the Courts   Summer
2000 PROSOCO and the 2nd Biggest Train Station in America, Back on Track   Spring
1999 PROSOCO and the Early American Skyscraper, The Bigger They Come   Fall
1999 PROSOCO celebrates 60 years of 'solutions'   Summer
1998 Hearing the Beat of Dancing Feet Again, 42nd Street Coming Back to Life   Fall
1998 100th Anniversary Celebration, Restoring the U.S. Library of Congress   Spring
1997 Notre Dame Admin Building Being Restored, Tackling the Home of the "Fighting Irish"   Fall
1997 The Art of Design Becomes a "Science"   Summer
1997 Olympic Dorms Create "Global Village"   Spring
1996 Past Remembered at Holocaust Museum   Winter
1995 Coors Field Enhances City That Brought It To Life   Summer
1995 New Orleans' Mardi Gras Day Celebration Officially Begins at Gallier Hall   Winter
1994 Smithsonian's Freer Gallery of Art Preserves Its Most Valuable Masterpiece   Fall
1994 Cathedral Receives Thorough Cleaning in Preparation for Papal Visit   Summer
1994 Trinity Church Still Inspires Followers   Spring
1994 LA Central Library Makes Comeback   Winter
1993 Tippecanoe and Tyler Too   Fall
1993 The History of Benjamin Franklin School Is As Richly Decorative As The Structure   Summer
1992 Allstate's Southwest Data Center In Irving Texas Is A Big Hit With Employees   Summer
1991 University of Mississippi Restores Barnard Observatory; Preserving Southern History   Summer
1991 San Diego Developer Brews Special Blend   Spring
1990 Ellis Island Museum Tribute to Immigrants; Largest Restoration in American History   Fall
1990 Department of Agriculture Reaping Bountiful Harvest with Restoration of Headquarters   Summer
1990 Manhattan Skyscraper Challenges Building Team's Political and Technical Skills   Spring
1990 Tabasco Factory Renovation Blends New Elements with Building's Unique History   Winter
1989 Marriott Dominates San Francisco Skyline; GFRC Exterior Challenges Manufacturer   Fall
1989 Salt Lake City Structure Ready to Shake, Rattle, Roll   Summer
1989 State Capitol Once Again Proud Symbol of Tennessee   Spring
1988 Harvard Restores Memorial Hall to Gothic Glory   Winter
1988 A Capital Restoration for a Dignified Nation   Summer
1987 Merchandise Mart Receives Million Gallon Bath   Summer
1987 Consolidation of an Historic Sandstone Facade, The Royal Bank of Canada   Spring
1986 Years Cleaned Away As Historic Cathedral Renovation Progresses   Fall
1986 Historic Boston Terminal Restored to Original Vitality   Summer
1985 National Building Museum Opens Its Doors In Revitalized Pension Building   Fall
1985 Stripping Paint at the Ringling (North East)   Spring
1984 The Vice Presidential Residence: Historic Naval Mansion Revitalized For Nation's Second in Command   Summer
1984 The Rookery, A Chicago Landmark Renewed   Spring
1983 ProSoCo Participates in U.S. Capitol Restoration   Fall
1983 Southern Charm Returns to Knoxville's Old City Hall Complex   Summer
1983 A Landmark Reborn: ProSoCo Restores Philadelphia’s City Hall (North East)   Spring
1983 A Landmark Reborn: ProSoCo Restores Philadelphia’s City Hall   Spring
1982 A New Look in Chicago's Loop: The Randolph Towers Restoration   Winter
1982 More Changes In The Wings For The Times Square District   Fall
1982 One Times Square: Cinderella At The Ball (North East)   Summer
1982 Aiding in Elephand Restoration Provides a New Wrinkle for ProSoCo   Spring
1981 Cleanup Completed on the World's Most Famous Railroad Station   Fall
1981 ProSoCo's Sure Klean T-556 System Cleans Grand Central Station   Spring
1980 The Villard Houses Takes on New Life as Centerpiece of Luxury Hotel   Fall
1980 New York City Landmark Has Fresh New Face   Spring

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