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How PROSOCO's Free Pallet Tag Program ensures masonry looks as good on the building as it did in the showroom

Everyone has something to gain.

  • Masonry manufacturers.
  • Architects and specifiers.
  • Distributors.
  • Contractors.
  • Building Owner
  • Everyone involved in the construction process gains when masonry looks as good on the building as it did in the showroom. PROSOCO's free Pallet Tag Program is making it happen now, all across the nation.

    Mistreated masonry
    Sometimes masonry runs into a problem between the manufacturer and the building. When people cut corners on post-construction masonry cleaning and weatherproofing, the results can be ugly. Post construction cleandown with cheap muriatic acid can scar masonry beyond repair. Inappropriate protective treatments easily cause widespread discoloration and damage. Reputations and incomes suffer, too.

    Pallet Tag Program protection
    The Pallet Tag Program guards against mistreated masonry by ensuring masonry is cleaned and protected correctly. At every job site on every pallet of masonry from participating manufacturers, a custom pallet tag tells the contractor exactly how to clean and protect the masonry. When the contractor follows the guidance on the tag, the masonry looks great -- just the way the manufacturer, architect and building owner intended. Workers who ruin the masonry with cheap muriatic acid can't blame anyone else. The custom pallet tag sees to that!

    Laboratory tested
    Before a tag goes on a cube, manufacturers send us samples. We test the masonry to see which products clean it best. We test with whatever kind of mortar and job staining the manufacturers specify.

    We also test protective treatments to see which is most effective and has the longest service life on the masonry. We test for resistance to water, oil, graffiti and other stains and soiling.

    Hand-delivered results
    PROSOCO's lab technicians photo-document and compile a laboratory report of the testing program. Our field representatives meet with the manufacturer to present the results and answer questions.

    Backed up with technical support
    With manufacturer approval, PROSOCO's Marketing and Technical Service Departments work together to design a custom pallet tag and short specification. These documents recommend the cleaners and protective treatments found most effective on the masonry. The pallet tags tell the contractors which products to use. It invites them to contact PROSOCO directly with questions or to request job-site technical support. The specification assures architects that the completed project will look and perform the way they intended.

    Virtual insurance policy
    Once printed and placed on every cube of masonry, this custom pallet tag becomes a virtual insurance policy. It ensures results manufacturers, specifiers, building owners, contractors and distributors can all point to with pride.

    More service, no cost
    PROSOCO is happy to train your staff, sales force and key customers on the importance and techniques of proper cleaning and weatherproofing. We'll conduct job-site training on your behalf and service problems that may occur promptly and professionally.

    Why provide all of these services FREE?
    That's how PROSOCO has done business for more than 60 years. We produce quality products to improve and preserve the appearance of quality masonry. We look good when we help you look good.