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PROSOCO's Pallet Tag Program
10 simple steps for solving problems before they occur

1. Identify your target brick, block or cast stone.

2. Select samples and send them to PROSOCO's laboratory

3. PROSOCO's laboratory technicans determine your masonry's sensitivity to moisture intrusion and common staining

4. They identify the most effective cleaning agent and procedure for your masonry

5. They identify the most effective treatments for protecting your masonry from

  • Water
  • Oil and stains
  • Graffiti
  • 6. PROSOCO representatives present your laboratory results and address any questions you may have.

    7. PROSOCO's Marketing Department designs a custom pallet card and an architectural sell sheet for your approval.

    8. Schedule and provide field training for your salesmen, and associated contractors and specifiers.

    9. PROSOCO provides ongoing technical support via PROSOCO field representatives located in all major markets.

    10. Keep supplying the construction industry with great masonry. At every job site, your pallet cards help ensure your products get the cleaning and protection that makes it -- and you -- look terrific.