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It's insurance for your masonry.
Selling masonry from manufacturers protected by PROSOCO's Pallet Tag Program protects you too.

PROSOCO's Pallet Tag Program - for U.S. manufacturers of brick, block and cast stone - ensures their masonry looks as good on the building as it did in your showroom.

Leading masonry manufacturers in this unique program send samples of their brick, block and cast stone to PROSOCO. Here, laboratory technicians test the samples. They determine the best PROSOCO products and procedures for cleaning and weatherproofing the masonry.

At the job site, each masonry cube has a Pallet Tag. It lets contractors know with no guesswork or uncertainty which PROSOCO products and procedures the manufacturer recommends. Following these recommendations results in masonry that looks like the manufacturer intended and you promised.

And very likely, you get to provide the PROSOCO products used.

Bottom line - when you sell Pallet Tag Program masonry, you get built-in insurance that the masonry looks as good on the building as it did in your showroom.

If your masonry doesn't have the pallet tag - call the manufacturer and recommend enrolling in PROSOCO's free Pallet Tag Program today!

Participating masonry manufacturers