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Top 5 reasons for manufacturers to subscribe to PROSOCO's Pallet Tag Program
Selling masonry from manufacturers protected by PROSOCO's Pallet Tag Program protects you too.

5. The Pallet Tag Program saves time, trouble and money by heading off damage from improper post-construction cleaning/protection that is sometimes unjustly blamed on the manufacturer.

4. PROSOCO's technical analysts systematically test manufacturers' masonry samples to find and document the most effective products and processes to clean and protect the masonry.

3. PROSOCO field experts personally present test results to manufacturers. They use manufacturers' preferences to develop custom pallet tags instructing contractors how to best clean and protect the masonry.

2. When contractors follow the pallet tag instructions, masonry appearance is superb. Manufacturers CANNOT be blamed if contractors damage masonry by not following pallet tag instructions.

1. The Pallet Tag Program is FREE to U.S. manufacturers of brick, block and cast stone.

For more information on this unique program, call PROSOCO's Pallet Tag Program manager, Steve Dean at (704) 292-1752 (office), or (704) 609-0485. Or e-mail