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SafStrip 8
Item # 41030


Enviro Klean® SafStrip® 8 is a neutral-pH stripping compound for nearly any hard surface – masonry, concrete, wood or metal. Use Enviro Klean® SafStrip® 8 to remove most high-strength paints and clear coats without the methylene chloride or methanol found in traditional solvent paint strippers. SafStrip® 8 breaks the bond of the toughest oil-based “alkyd” paints, acrylics, lacquers and clear sealers. It also removes graffiti media such as spray paint and “magic” marker. SafStrip® 8’s gel-like consistency makes it hard to spill and easy to apply. It immediately emulsifies in water and may be rinsed off with cold water, hot water or steam.

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SafStrip 8
Ship ID (see info below)
1/5 gal   
46.6 lbs   

32/5 gal   
1561 lbs   

Ship ID
Keep From Freezing
Freeze Point
Flash Point
Shelf Life
No No NA  >200 F  2  yrs 149980 SUB 2 
Description: Non-hazardous/non-regulated (paints)