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942 Limestone & Marble Cleaner
Item # 20096

Sure Klean® 942 Limestone and Marble Cleaner is a ready-to-use nonacidic alkaline cleaning gel. Designed for removing moderate to severe atmospheric staining, this low odor gel cleaner is appropriate for use on exterior or interior masonry surfaces.

Safe for use on most polished or unpolished marble and limestone surfaces, 942 Limestone and Marble Cleaner removes surface and subsurface staining, restoring surfaces to their original appearance.

  • Thoroughly cleans without danger of etching or bleaching. Restores the color and surface texture of most polished and unpolished stonework.
  • Will not damage most flooring materials and adjoining surfaces.
  • Gel consistency prevents dripping and spilling. Material "clings" to vertical surfaces.
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942 Limestone & Marble Cleaner
Ship ID (see info below)
1/5 gal   
47 lbs   

32/5 gal   
1561 lbs   

Ship ID
Keep From Freezing
Freeze Point
Flash Point
Shelf Life
No No 25  >200  2  yrs 48580 SUB 3 
Description: Non-hazardous/non-regulated (compounds, cleaning, noi liquid other than corrosive)