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Heavy Duty Restoration Cleaner - NE
Item # 20033

Sure Klean® Heavy Duty Restoration Cleaner NE is a concentrated acidic cleaner specifically made to attack and wipe out the heaviest atmospheric staining the Northeast U.S. urban and industrial environment can produce on brick, terra cotta, granite, sandstone and more.

Used carefully, this ultra-powerful formulation breaks loose and dissolves the decades of dirt, paint oxidation, carbon buildup and other atmostpheric pollutants that can prove too difficult for other cleaners. A simple cold-water rinse then removes these unsightly stubborn stains, revealing the masonry's original beauty.

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Heavy Duty Restoration Cleaner - NE
Ship ID (see info below)
1/5 gal   
50.5 lbs   

32/5 gal   
1689 lbs   

Ship ID
Keep From Freezing
Freeze Point
Flash Point
Shelf Life
Yes No ND  NA  3  yrs 45615 SUB 5 
Description: UN2922, Corrosive liquid, toxic, n.o.s. (Hydrofluoric and Phosphoric acid), 8(6.1), II