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Frequently Asked Questions

Iím having an adhesion problem with paint on a split-faced concrete block commercial building. The building is barely a year old, yet the paint is already blistering and flaking. I donít want to strip and repaint until I have some idea of how to keep this from happening again. Is it possible that the paint is defective?


Instances of defective paint are rare. Paint failure is mostly due to improperly cleaned and prepped surfaces. Severe climatic conditions also take a toll on paint. Water intrusion into the masonry in particular can cause what you describe. Check the building for any structural defects or failed flashings that might let water in. Repair if needed. When you’re satisfied that the building is sound, remove the old coating with EnviroKlean® Safety Peel 1 or Safety Peel 3. Choose based on testing. After stripping, clean the masonry with Sure Klean® Custom Masonry Cleaner. PROSOCO’s Breathable Masonry Coating® II is a good choice for recoating. Along with being a color coat for masonry, it’s also a breathable water repellent. A less advanced version of the product was used on the U.S. Capitol. Adhesion shouldn’t be a problem. In adhesion test ASTM D 4541, the concrete pulled apart before the BMC II could be pulled off. BMC II stuck tight against pressure of up to 367 pounds per square inch (psi).
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