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Frequently Asked Questions

My new brick building needs masonry cleandown inside and out. The problem is that Iíve already got doors, windows, flooring, hardware and everything else installed. Itís a lot to protect with plastic sheeting. Any suggestions?


Enviro Klean® Safety Klean is a new-masonry cleaner safe for use around metal. It uses no hydrochloric or other traditional acids. This low-odor, environmentally responsible cleaner will get rid of mortar smears and other common job-site staining. You’ll still need plastic sheeting secured with masking tape to protect nonmasonry areas, such as wood and carpet. You can use traditional masonry cleaners, such as Sure Klean® 600 Detergent or Sure Klean® Vana Trol®, but, as you mentioned, plastic sheeting will be required for everything that isn't masonry. Whichever method your masonry cleandown uses, there is no substitute for being careful around nonmasonry areas. Your contractor can also help ensure a successful cleandown by following closely all preparatory and precautionary guidance on the product label.
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