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Frequently Asked Questions

I just built a new house with a new concrete driveway and sidewalks. With winter coming on, do I need to be concerned about protection -- even on new concrete?


Even new concrete is subject to the deteriorating effects of moisture, especially in winter. When air temperatures are above 32 F, water can penetrate into concrete. As temperatures drop, the absorbed moisture will freeze and expand. The expansion of the ice crystals can be greater than the available pore space in the concrete, causing spalling. Also, road salts used in deicing can contaminate your concrete as they melt from the under-carriage and fender wells of your vehicle. Absorbed salts cause oxidation of reinforcing steel and can lead to cracking and scaling of concrete. Prevent these problems with Consolideck® Saltguard® WB. This water-based, VOC-compliant treatment stops water penetration and "screens out" damaging salts. It won't change the look of your diveway, or make it slippery. Saltguard® WB is the best insurance that your concrete will stay sound for many winters to come.
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