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Frequently Asked Questions

The 10-foot-high concrete wall adjoining the alley at the back of our apartment complex is a popular target for graffiti. Removing it is labor-intensive, and it usually comes right back anyway. If I leave it alone, it seems to attract more graffiti. Itís a frustrating situation. Can you help?


Rapid removal is the key to breaking the graffiti cycle. Studies show graffiti vandals move on from sites where their “work” isn’t left on display. The problem is that spray paint and other graffiti are hard to get out of porous concrete. Also, the wrong cleaning method can damage your wall or lock in the stains. Sure Klean® Heavy Duty Paint Stripper or Sure Klean® Fast Acting Stripper are both more than a match for cleaning off graffiti attacks. Heavy Duty is your choice if the graffiti has built up over time. Once cleaned, apply penetrating, breathable Weather Seal Blok-Guard & Graffiti Control to your wall. Itprotects cast-in-place, precast and pigmented block. The treatment fills the pores so graffiti can’t get a grip. Normally, Blok-Guard & Graffiti Control won’t change your wall’s appearance. Graffiti slides off when washed with Defacer Eraser® Graffiti Wipe and rinsed with water. Graffiti Wipe is a mild, citrus-based maintenance cleaner specifically designed to work with Blok-Guard & Graffiti Control. Together, these products provide a system that makes it easier for you to remove graffiti than for the vandals to apply. Under those conditions, your vandals will most likely choose to move on.
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