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Frequently Asked Questions

We’re having a difficult time trying to clean the synthetic stucco exterior of our motel. Most of the stains are mold or rust. The scrubbing required to remove the stains also removes the stucco, exposing mesh and styrofoam! High-pressure water-blasting does the same thing. Surely there’s a way to clean the exterior without damaging it?


Synthetic stucco is also known as an Exterior Insulation Finish System or EIFS. It’s a relatively new building material, so techniques and products for cleaning it are still rare. EIFS surfaces are sensitive, but the stains which attack it are not. As you’ve described, cleaning EIFS can be like trying to scour stains off egg shells. PROSOCO has developed a product specifically for this problem—Enviro Klean® EIFS Clean ‘N Prep. It can be sprayed or brushed on to the prewetted surface, where it attacks stains. It breaks their grip without any damaging scrubbing. The dissolved contaminants can then be rinsed away with a gentle (but thorough) water rinse. In places where the finish coating has been worn away by scrubbing, high-pressure water or simply time and weather, you’ll want to reapply the coating. Give these spots a preparatory cleaning with EIFS Clean ‘N Prep to ensure your recoat adheres well and looks great.
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