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Frequently Asked Questions

Can masonry cleaning continue in cold weather?


Yes -- cautiously.Many cleaning compounds depend on chemical reactions for effectiveness. Cold slows the reaction. You may be tempted to compensate by overapplying, and accidentally damage the masonry. When it's below freezing, or will be overnight, rinse water can freeze in saturated masonry, causing more damage. However, if both air and masonry surface temperatures are above 40F (check the masonry with a thermometer), go ahead, with these precautions: l Use hot water (180F) for pre-wet and rinse cycles.Raising the surface temperature improves the efficiency of the cleaner. l Extend dwell time by 10 -20 percent, but don't let the cleaner dry in. l Consider scaffolding covered with polyethylene. Space heaters inside may warm the surface enough for effective cleaning. A final caution -- the test panels you did in warm weather won't be accurate for cold weather. Test in cold weather if you clean in cold weather.
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