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Frequently Asked Questions

The slate pavers in my restaurantís outdoor dining area were a beautiful, glossy reddish-black when installed several years ago. Weather and daily cleaning seem to have dulled the stonesí color. Now they are mostly gray with only hints of their former shine and color. Is there any way to restore the surface short of replacing the stones?


The original appearance of your stones is still there. It’s just obscured by years of spilled food, tracked-in dirt and atmospheric staining. Conventional cleaning doesn’t remove these contaminants. It breaks them up and redistributes them as a fine film responsible for the “dulling out” effect. PROSOCO’s Enviro Klean® 2010 All Surface Cleaner, sprayed or brushed on, will break up the film so it can be removed once and for all with a thorough fresh-water rinse. It’s a mild, low-odor cleaner, which is important for dining areas. It still has the teeth to restore your pavers’ appearance. You’ll have the same problem all over again, however, unless you protect your newly cleaned stones. Stand Off® Gloss ‘N Guard WB puts a tough, protective coating on your pavers. It resists stains and scuff marks for years, while enhancing the stone’s color-depth and shine. Food and beverage spills, and other contaminants come up much more completely, particularly when cleaned with Stand Off® Rinseless Cleaner.
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