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Frequently Asked Questions

We've got 1-inch ceramic tiles on the floor of the locker room at our health club. The tiles look great, but the grout is black, moldy and getting worse looking despite daily cleaning. How do we get it and keep it clean?


What's happening is that your daily cleaning isn't removing the dirt. Each cleaning just moves it around and drives it in more deeply. The good news is that there are several cleaners which will get your grout clean. Which one you use depends on the severity of the staining. Stand Off® Grout & Tile Cleaner is the most powerful. Enviro Klean® 2010 All Surface Cleaner and Enviro Klean® EIFS Clean 'N Prep are also effective. In general, use the mildest cleaner possible. Once clean, Stand Off® SLX 100 Water & Oil Repellent will help protect the grout from restaining. Maintenance cleaning with Stand Off® Rinseless Cleaner will get rid of the dirt, since the residual liquid from cleaning is mopped or vacuumed up.
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