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Frequently Asked Questions

Iím preparing to bid an exterior paint-stripping job on an 1880s-era courthouse in the Midwest. Itís got over 30 coats of paint. In tests, it took two applications of Sure Klean Heavy Duty Paint Stripper to cut all the way through. If I could get it done in one application, I think I could outbid the competition. Any suggestions?


Keeping the paint stripper moist so it can work effectively during its extended dwell time is the key to getting top performance. Enviro Klean® OverCoat is probably the most cost-effective way to do that. It’s a specialized “semi-impermeable” paper coating that adheres to paste or gel paint strippers and cleaners. It blocks water evaporation out of the paste or gel, keeping it moist. You won’t need a worker to keep rewetting the paste, so you’ll save some labor cost. The increased paint removal efficiency of an “OverCoated” Heavy Duty Paint Stripper could very likely make the difference between one application and two.
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