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Parthenon, 1931
  Nashville, Tennessee!

  It's the home of country music, Tennessee Titans football and - Athena, Greek goddess of wisdom. The goddess, or at least a 42-foot-high replica of her, is housed in Nashville's Parthenon. Completed in 1931, the Parthenon is itself a life-size replica in concrete of the marble original in Athens, Greece.

  By the 1980s, the Nashville Parthenon resembled the original in another respect. Its condition was deteriorating.

  Nashville Metro Parks called in Quinn Evans Architects, Ann Arbor, Mich., to help with initial studies of the building's problems. Those problems included water damage from a leaky roof; decaying concrete, both structural and ornamental; and widespread exterior stains and soiling.

  Just estimating the scope of the work was one of the project's most challenging aspects, commented Quinn Evan's Ilene Tyler, FAIA, supervising architect.

  Exterior restoration work began in 1993 with roof repair.

  By 1994, scaffolding completely enveloped the venerable building, and would remain a fixture until project completion in 2001. During those years, Western Waterproofing, Atlanta, Ga., removed, recast and replaced deteriorated concrete, changing rusty rebar for stainless steel.

  The Parthenon was sound enough for exterior cleaning by summer of 2000, recalled Western Waterproofing Field Supervisor Jeff Johnson. Extensive testing revealed Sure KleanŽ Light Duty Restoration Cleaner as the best choice for cleaning the exposed aggregate concrete.

  The mildly acidic cleaner removed general atmospheric soiling. Overall, crews cleaned about 30,000 square feet of walls, columns and plaza, according to Mr. Johnson.

  Sure KleanŽ 766 Limestone & Masonry Prewash and Sure KleanŽ Limestone & Masonry Afterwash removed the heaviest carbon buildups, Ms. Tyler said. She commented that several PROSOCO products were used in unusual spot cleaning applications.

  Rain runoff from portions of the reinstalled red background behind the metope sculptures on the building's entablature left light red stains on the column caps below, Ms. Tyler said. Sure KleanŽ 101 Lime Solvent cleaned the red stains away.

  As workers on the scaffolding made plaster molds of the pediment sculptures, plaster of Paris ran onto the corona just above the column caps. It formed an insoluble gray deposit that could not be washed away - until workers hit it with Sure KleanŽ Heavy Duty Restoration Cleaner.

  Sure KleanŽ Heavy Duty Concrete Cleaner also got called up - but not for cleaning. As crafts people recast more than 100 sculptural elements, they used Heavy Duty Concrete Cleaner to lightly etch the pieces, recreating the aggregate exposure of the originals.

  The newly cleaned and restored Parthenon reopened to the public with a celebration on New Year's Eve 2001 - once again a home of which even a goddess could be proud.