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Restoration products

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Ty Coon
Venture Restoration
Louisville, Ohio

"I always go PROSOCO.Ē Iíve never had a problem."

Hello, Iím Ty Coon with Venture Restoration. Iím in the northeastern Ohio area. Iíve been using PROSOCO Restoration products for 25 to 30 years. I do restoration; old work and new work and I apply coatings. I like your paint strippers, your old restoration cleaners and your pre-wash, as well as your new custom masonry cleaners. Of all the cleaners that are out in the industry, I probably use PROSOCO anytime itís speced out to another cleaner. By the time weíre at the end of that job, PROSOCO is the one I always come back to. Even with the architects I always go PROSOCO. Iíve had great luck with them and Iíve never had a problem and if I did have a problem I have great representation which is something Iíve never received from anyone else.

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