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Why I use PROSOCO products

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Craig Christensen
President, Masonry Division
SparkleWash of Omaha
Omaha, Nebraska

"I can’t count how many times they’ve driven up from Kansas to help me out of jams."

Why I use PROSOCO products
Three reasons. They are Matt Henderson (PROSOCO sales manager), Craig Frieze and Mike Dickey (PROSOCO manufacturer’s representatives). All three have educated me on substrates, materials and chemicals. I can’t count how many times they’ve driven up from Kansas to help me out of jams.

One time we cleaned a burnished block project with an in-plant installed water-based sealer on it. Afterward it blushed horribly. No one knew what it was, and everyone blamed me. (PROSOCO manufacturer’s rep) Craig Frieze, and Bob Walters (SparkleWash, Central Minnesota) were the only ones who stood by me. Everyone else was pointing fingers. Craig proved the problem was the sealer. He really defended my company. I probably would have lost my business it wasn’t for those guys.

PROSOCO products I’ve used
I’ve used a lot of cleaners. (Sure Klean® products) 600 Detergent, Vana Trol®, and Custom Masonry Cleaner, to name a few. My favorite is Burnished Custom Masonry Cleaner. You can use it to clean around stainless steel, and it won’t hurt the steel.

Projects I’ve use PROSOCO products on
Gallup University
Omaha, Nebraska
Sure Klean® Vana Trol on brick
Sure Klean® Asphalt & Tar Remover on brick

Con Agra Campus
Omaha, Nebraska
Sure Klean® Custom Masonry Cleaner on brick

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