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1939 - Albert J. Boyer founds the Process Solvent Company, Inc., blender of chemical automotive specialties.

1944 - U.S. Army buys Process Solvent Company’s entire inventory of products, then takes a year to pay.

1952 - Jerry Boyer creates first proprietary cleaner for new construction: Sure Klean® 101 Lime Solvent.

1953 - PROSOCO launches first concrete curing and sealing compounds.

1956 - Sure Klean® 600 Detergent, number-one-selling proprietary cleaner for new brick construction hits market.

1959 - Denver Terra Cotta Company asks Jerry Boyer to figure out a way to safely clean the sensitive terra cotta on the Mountain States Telephone Building. He does.

1962 - PROSOCO’s pioneering restoration cleaners introduced.

1964 - Sure Klean® Weather Seal water repellents for masonry introduced.

1970 - Jerry Boyer takes company reins as President.

1973 - New Jersey plant opens and PROSOCO focuses on Northeast region of U.S

1974-75 - PROSOCO develops effective cleaners for Northeast’s heavily soiled, yet sensitive limestone, travertine and marble architecture.

1977 - Jerry Boyer cleans "King Kong’s blood" off the World Trade Center after production ends on the 1977 remake of the film "King Kong"

1980 - David W. Boyer joins PROSOCO, starts in Sales.

1981 - PROSOCO products help restore Grand Central Station, NYC, interior and exterior..

1982 - PROSOCO introduces Conservare® masonry preservation products and Consolideck® concrete protection systems.

1983 - PROSOCO paint strippers used on U.S. Capitol.

1983 - BMC® (Breathable Masonry Coating) introduced.

1987 - Bruce Boyer joins PROSOCO, starts in Technical Service Department.

1987 - Merchandise Mart, Chicago, gets “million-gallon bath” with PROSOCO cleaners.

1987 - PROSOCO products and people help restore the U.S. Capitol’s exterior in time for the Presidential Inauguration.

1990 - Stand Off® Tile, Paver and Stone Care Products introduced.

1990 - Ellis Island national landmark restored inside and out with PROSOCO products.

1991 - Defacer Eraser® Graffiti Control line and Enviro Klean®Lead Based Paint Abatement Products debut.

1992 - David W. Boyer takes company reins as PROSOCO President.

1993 - Enviro Klean® Hard Surface Cleaners introduced. Sure Klean® Weather Seal Siloxane WB Concentrate, Blok-Guard® and Blok-Guard® Stain introduced.

1994 - Stand Off® Paver Kare and revamped Defacer Eraser® product line introduced.
1994 - Interior restoration cleaning of Library of Congress completed with PROSOCO products.

1995 - PROSOCO products clean the limestone exterior of the Empire State Building’s first six stories.

1996 - Bruce Boyer named PROSOCO’s Vice President for Production.

1997 - Second-biggest train station in U.S., Kansas City’s Union Station, gets restoration cleaning inside and out with PROSOCO products.

1998 - PROSOCO breaks ground for its new, state-of-the-art production and warehouse facility, and corporate headquarters in Lawrence, Kansas.
1999 - PROSOCO moves into new Lawrence facility.

2000 - Historic brick exterior of 120-year-old Washington Hall, University of Notre Dame gets a PROSOCO cleaning, courtesy Sure Klean® Heavy Duty Restoration Cleaner. Hall said to be haunted.

2001 - PROSOCO products and personnel help with reconstruction of the Pentagon following 9-11 terrorists attacks.

2002 - Tweed Courthouse, NYC, cleaned inside and out with PROSOCO products.

2002 - PROSOCO expands production and warehouse facilities to keep up with growing demand for PROSOCO products.

2003 - ConceteScience® SafEtch wins “Experts Choice” Award at World of Concrete.

2003 - PROSOCO products help clean the sensitive marble exterior of the Cleveland Museum of Art when exotic abrasive cleaning system isn’t entirely successful.

2003 - PROSOCO wins Kansas City’s “Heart of America” Family Business of the Year award.

2004 - Travertine walls at Los Angeles’ brand-new Walt Disney Concert Hall get water- and graffiti-repellency courtesy Sure Klean® Weather Seal Natural Stone Treatment and Defacer Eraser® SC-1 Sacrificial Treatment.

2004 - PROSOCO products clean and consolidate the limestone exterior of Chicago’s Temple Building.

2004 - PROSOCO News wins Publication Management “Magnum Opus” award for graphic design.

2004 - PROSOCO wins the Lawrence Chamber of Commerce’s “Excellence in Commerce” award.

2005 - PROSOCO restoration products clean the exterior of Allen Fieldhouse, home of the mighty Jayhawks, at the University of Kansas.

2005 - PROSOCO wins the Kansas Department of Commerce Merit Award.

2005 - Kansas City’s oldest theater, the Folly theater, gets cleaned and protected with PROSOCO products.

2005 - PROSOCO News wins Publication Management “Magnum Opus” award for writing.

2005 - PROSOCO R-GUARD® Air & Water-Resistive Barrier introduced.
2005 - Consolideck® lithium-silicate hardener/densifiers introduced.

2006 - Consolideck® LSGuard launches.

2006 - A half-million square feet of concrete in Dodger Stadium get Stand Off® SLX100® Water & Oil Repellent protection.

2006 - Enviro Klean® 2010 All Surface Cleaner removes “bathtub ring” and other soiling from Orleans Parish Criminal Justice Center in the wake of Hurricane Katrina.

2007 - PROSOCO introduces “New Rules” – products and procedures for safe, effective cleaning of mixed and sensitive masonry facades.

2008 - PROSOCO introduces Consolideck® GemTone Stain water-based colors for finished concrete flooring.
2008 - Consolideck® products LS, LS/CS, LSGuard and GemTone Stain get third-party certified by Scientific Certification Systems as meeting the nation’s toughest standards for Indoor Air Quality.

2009 - Consolideck® and Sure Klean® products used in construction of the Illinois Holocaust Museum.

2009 - Consolideck® ColorHard, combination pigment and hardener/densifier, for unpolished concrete floors; and new, improved Gemtone Stain for polished concrete floors launched.

2009 - Floors at Cooper Union, NYC, hardened and densified with Consolideck® LS.

2009 - PROSOCO celebrates 70th birthday.
2010 - In partnership with BEI, PROSOCO introduces new line of extreme-performance R-GUARD air and water-resistive barrier products, tested effective even under Category 5 hurricane conditions.
To be continued...